👋 [Exclusive] Forum Launched

Today, I’m happy to announce that we’ve launched an exclusive forum for our customers. The aim of the forum is to share and learn together and foster community conversations that weren’t possible earlier. I would love to fondly call this forum, “Tap That Brain Community”.

All our customers are eligible for a forum membership. An email with login credentials to sign-in to the forum is sent out already. If you’re a customer and haven’t received your email, shoot an email to tapthatbrain@gmail.com and we will help you with forum on boarding.

What to expect?

  1. Ask your questions. I’ll help you with an answer. You can ask anything that falls within dog training and dog parenting context.
  2. Share and learn. The best way to learn is to teach what you know. I strongly suggest you to share what you learn. Show us what you train with your dog.
  3. Monthly challenges. I intend to run a contest for community members every month. I’ll first teach how to train your dog a new skill. Then run the contest by the end of the month. Exhibit your dog training skills and win prizes.

I hope to see you in the forum.

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