Shifting Your Perspective: The First Step In Dog Training

We as dog parents, expect our dogs to behave well. We love our dogs, we feed the best we can and offer everything in our power to make our dog comfortable.

Dogs are not kept outdoors anymore. Now-a-days, dogs are integral part of our family. Being a dog parent you would expect you dog to behave well. Your expectations are totally legitimate.

However, I would like to shift your perspective by asking you a question — “Are you teaching your dog your expectations before you demand them to behave well?”

Most dog parents I talk to would offer a big smile and go mum when I ask them the same question. Don’t be that dog parent.

Here’s what I would like you to do — begin training your dog by teaching your expectations before you demand.

“How do I teach my dog my expectations”, might you ask. Well, I reserve the answer for the next article. Stay tuned!

Today, my wife and I are grateful to the Almighty who blessed us with a wonderful and lovely kid.

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