Dogs do the best they can with the education they have and in the environment they’re asked to perform.

– Susan Garrett

We expect so much from our dogs but …

the question we should be asking ourselves is, “Have I educated my dog to reflect my expectation?”

Why Show me the money approach fails?

There are tens of thousands of videos in the internet to teach your dog obedience cues. Most videos illustrate training dogs is as simple as luring with a cookie.

It won’t take long enough before you realize that your dog will be interested to do what you ask ONLY when you have cookies. This is what I call the “Show me the money” approach.

So, what’s a better approach?

Dog training methods evolve year-on-year. The effective way to train dogs is to include the element of “choice” in your training.

Simply put, we teach our dogs that good choices more likely have good consequences.

Though the mantra looks simple yet it involves science. Evidences from a research proves that consequence drives behaviours in dogs.

Let me explain …

Imagine a stranger asking you to SIT in a chair for 1 hour. Would you do it? No, right.

What if he offers you 1,000 INR (~ USD 10)? You might think about it.

What if he offers you 10,000 INR (~ USD 100)? You wouldn’t want to miss that.

What if he offers you 1,00,000 INR (~ USD 1000)? I’m sure you would have already made a list of things that you would purchase. That’s a deal that is too good to refuse.

What if he offers you the reward that randomly varies between INR 1,000 and INR 1,00,000 each time you complete the task. Now that you are free to make a CHOICE, I’m sure you wouldn’t hesitate to accept.

Did you note? Just by influencing the consequence behaviours can be driven provided the right CHOICE was made. Isn’t this amazing?

Learn To Communicate And Not Command

The science behind dog training evolves each day. Every owner must know how to communicate with their dog and that is exactly what training should be. Training is a two way communication happening between you and your dog.

Once you learn to communicate, establish a working relationship and team up with your dog, teaching behaviours to your dog would become fun for you and your dog.

Here is where I come in to help you and your dog to learn to communicate and build a working relationship that gets ONLY better in time.